iLowerBP Kit

iLowerBP Kit

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iLowerBP combines educational resources, easy-to-do instructor-led exercises, stress-relieving audio/visual therapy and convenient at-home monitoring equipment in an effort to maximize the chances of improving your blood pressure and overall health. The iLowerBP Plus kit includes;

  • Best-Selling Book High Blood Pressure For Dummies
  • iLowerBP Exercise DVD
  • (2) Heart Shaped Tention Devices
  • Quick Start Guide
  • An Electronic Wristband Stye Blood Pressure Monitor
  • 2 AAA Panasonic Pro Batteries
  • 1 Year Warranty

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Customer Rating: 12341 (27)
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By Private    Rating:
Monitor wasn\'t working when i got the kit but they shipped out a new one right away. Excellent customer service! Thanks. HG
By Kristen Casey    Rating:
My father in law has been having a roller-coaster with his BP over the past 5 years. Mainly the biggest issue is that he has not been consistently taking his medication because he complains that he gets tired easily. My husband stumbled across this website and we decided to give it a try over the holidays. Only a month into it and we seen considerable changes in his attitude and willingness to try alternative products and his resting BP is down overall! He especially likes the beach scene on the DVD but we were wondering if you have any additional videos other optional beaches?
By JL Madeira    Rating:
Great travel size BP monitor but I ended up buying the other monitor for home use. Excellent program for anyone with HBP!
By Alan S    Rating:
Works ok right out of the box, day 3 and I\'m lovin\' it!
By Dr. A. Wojakowski    Rating:
For 13 years I have been telling my patients to do exactly what the iLowerBP program does. GET EDUCATED, EXERCISE REGULARLY, GO ON A DIET YOU WILL STICK TO, CONTROL YOUR STRESS AND MONITOR YOUR BP FROM HOME. It\'s amazing how easy you have made it for anyone to get right on track to lowering their blood pressure naturally. I would recommend any of my hypertensive patients pick this up and get on the program supplementary to any other treatment I prescribe. On a side note I don\'t think it really makes a major difference from a writsband style blood pressure monitor to an armband style so I\'d tell you to save the money and buy the more cost effective kit.
By Private    Rating:
Great product!