iLowerBP – Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally iLowerBP Blood Pressure Log How iLowerBP Works to Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

iLowerBP is a unique method for combining a breathing and hand grip routine with audio and visual therapies designed to lower blood pressure naturally… In just 12 minutes a day. The professional quality, high-definition, instructional video offers a selection of therapeutic visual scenes and complimentary sounds to relax and sooth while performing the daily exercise. The complete iLowerBP package includes High Blood Pressure For Dummies, specially calibrated tension devices and a convenient at-home blood pressure monitor to record your results as your progress towards your health goals.


♥ Diet & Exercise ♥ ♥iLowerBP’s comprehensive educational and instructor-led exercise video material will help you develop a diet and complete daily exercises to keep your blood pressure at healthy levels. ♥iLowerBP’s daily easy-to-do exercise regimen allows people of all ages, abilities, and skill levels to complete the exercise in just 12 minutes a day.



♥ Knowledge is power ♥ Understanding more about high blood pressure and its impact upon your health will help you understand the treatment options in addition to staying motivated. ♥iLowerBP includes comprehensive educational resources to help you make conscious lifestyle decisions that will directly impact your blood pressure and general health



♥ Audio/Visual Therapy ♥
Stress reduction has often been regarded as an important component of the lifestyle changes that might be beneficial in reducing an elevated blood pressure in hypertensive patients. iLowerBP immerses you in relaxing audio and visual from mother nature’s best waterfalls, beaches and aquatic scenes.



♥ At-Home Monitoring ♥ Self monitoring provides important information between visits to your doctor. Keeping track of changes can help you and your health care team make decisions about your ongoing treatment strategy. iLowerBP includes convenient At-Home Monitoring equipment and a daily Blood Pressure journal to record and track your results.

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